Hidden sugar

Hidden sugar

You may be surprised at the amount of hidden sugar in the food we eat. The table below is a rough guide to the hidden sugar in a few of our favourite snacks and sweets (sugar in Teaspoons).

Think before you drink..

What do you think you had for breakfast? Control what’s in your bowl

2 Chocolate Biscuits
1 Digestive Biscuits
1 Slice Swiss Roll 4
1 Packet of boiled sweets 24
1 Small chocolate bar
1 Tube of smarties
1 4 oz Bag of toffees 20
1 Mars Bar 9
1 Tube of Polo Mints 7
1 Can of Coca Cola 8
1 Glass of diluted Ribena 6
1 Packet of Bubble Gum 8
1 Small box of Dolly Mixtures 20½
1 Small box of Liquorice Allsorts 18
1 Packet of Murray Mints 10